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10-12-2006, 12:54 AM
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Originally Posted by guapo23 View Post
Playing on the 4th line will teach him how to play WITHOUT THE PUCK !
You need to be able to play in the defensive zone & neutral zone at the NHL level.

One of the goals against in the last 2 games was due to his bad defensive mistake : he was watching the puck battle behind the net instead of focusing on his assignment ( take the open man out of the play). The puck was suddenly in front of the net & the open man scored the goal. Too late to react.

I think you let the kid develop. Higgins & Ryder started out on the 4th line. Was their development hurt by this ? NO !! They worked their way up by battling in the trenches, learning from the coaches & players and seizing their opportunities.

It's crazy to see that Lats is making almost double what Pleks is making.
Pleks makes about $450,000 and Lats makes $850,000...
Saw this on TSN's site : .
you seem to forget that higgins and ryder paid their dues and DEVELOPED in the AHL , they were not teenagers when they made the team and their jobs were not handed to them on a silver platter they earned it the old fashioned way HARD WORK , so i say that they should have let latendresse develop in a similar fashion after he finished his junior career . would this have hurt his development ? BTW can you name another player on the current roster , drafted by montreal that made the team straight out of junior hockey ? hmmmmmmm.........didnt think so . i think there was more than ability that was taken into consideration when the decision was made to keep him on the team .

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