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06-11-2013, 12:46 PM
John Wayne Gretzky
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Thats fine, buy him out, but Mason will not fare well either. Which leads me to my next thought process.

What I feel we should do in the offseason.

11th pick : Draft Nurse or Zadorov if available.

Throw an offer sheet at Piets. We tried it with Weber, it failed, but why not try it again.

Trade Coburn : I am sure he still holds value to many GM's due to his size and speed. Cap needs to be shed, and I am sure we can land a relatively cheaper and younger unproven guy with upside at the draft.

Trade Meszaros : I have no problem with Mesz, but his injury history and 4 mil hit is killing us. Move him for a 3rd (2nd if we can somehow get lucky)

Couts for Ryan : I know everyone is going to bash me for this. I am saying theoretically and based on rumors. Its Ryan or Yandle essentially from what I have heard and it is going to take Couts. While we need a PMD and I just said we should trade 2 of our dmen making this seem counter-intuitive, but I always say you take the best player and in this case its Ryan. Talk about consistency, the kid always puts up 30 + goals and coming to play for his favorite team I imagine would only make him play better. Given the extensions to Fasth, Perry and Getzlaf, it looks like the ducks would look to make a hockey trade for a center on a cheaper contact.

Buy out either Briere or Bryz : I am actually a fan of bryz, but if it means saving 5.6 mil over the next 6 years and possibly picking up another goalie like Thomas in UFA and running him with Mason, I would be ok with it. Briere makes more, his age is showing, but hes only got 2 years left on that contract. One of them needs to go though, merely to give us more wiggle room for the resigning of G.

Sign Mark Streit : We need a PMD, why not get one without having to give up any assets? From what I have read he wants to test the market but would prefer to play in the east coast so he does not have to move his family. Streit is a good 2 way D man with great offensive ability, especially given his age.

Bring up Laughton, Akeson and Lauridsen : I believe that Laughton will make a perfect 3rd line center and we will forget about Couturier if traded. He is a hard worker and he has offensive ability. Akeson I have wanted to see make the jump for a while now. I know it was one game, but he was in all of the right places, I think he could be a full time nhler. Lauridsen shows glimpses of a young Pronger when I watch him play. Pronger took a bit of time to adjust to the league and was traded to STL. With the right mentoring he could be a terror to play against. He is cheap in front of the net and intimidating, he just needs to learn how to be more subtle and hide it from the refs. That is what made Pronger hard to play against. If he can work on that shot, I truly believe he can become a top 4 dman in the league.

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