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06-11-2013, 01:00 PM
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I usually buy 2/3 consoles every gen based on what I feel gives me the best gaming experience.

I went with PS2 and GameCube 2 gens ago because of Nintendo's Exclusives and because PS2 was IMO the best console of that gen. Last gen I went with Wii and 360 because once again, Ninty's exclusives combined with 360 exclusives like Halo and Gears made me feel it was the best combo to have. I had no problem giving up God of War and whatever else. IMO PS3 exclusives weren't all that good.

This time around, it's PS4 and Wii U easily. I get my Zelda's, Smash Bros, Mario Karts and now KH3 (!!!!!!), FF15, while still getting my NHL's and whatever else. It's worth it to give up Halo and Gears IMO. Plus XB1 totally **** on its customers. I was a HUUGE Xbox fanboy last gen but I feel like they don't care about consumers at all with their latest moves.

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