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06-11-2013, 01:04 PM
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I do think he is PART of the problem and I as I've said I don't think he makes it through Christmas. I also don't think he adjusts well to tight checking teams nor do I think the team adjust well to him when he does try to adjust. That extra layer of D that he incorporated this year partly b/c management wanted him to do so to cover Bryz's inability to be the best player on the ice ...seemed to have confused the players and Hartnell said as much. They started putting it together at the end which cost us a better pick but I still don't think it would have been sustainable. The injuries played a part but as Ottawa showed..that crutch only goes so far.

Now would be the perfect opportunity to get another coach given how many decent candidates are unemployed but Holmgren is doubling down on Lavi b/c firing him would have been an indictment of management as well given how they played a hand in this year's underachievement. Holmgren had an ill-assembled team.

Also, apparently Bryz and Lavi's relationship is still a "work in progress" which doesn't bode well unless Bryz is actually bought out. Only way Lavi sticks around is if the entire team overachieves (many career years) next season as opposed to underachieving this past season....

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