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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
How does this even make sense in your mind??...

Habs wanted to give him 10M for 2 years but PK decided to cut it in half and take 5M instead???

PK wanted a long term deal. Habs didn't. They went back and forth. So PK said okay, 2 year deal, but I'll take the same salary (between 4.5-5.5M). Habs said no, not flinching, taking a small bridge deal worth just over 5M. PK said no, that's no where near fair value.
Bergevin stuck to his gun, decided to go to war versus his best player, and forced him out to begin the year. PK realized Bergevin had all the power, and on top of it, the team was winning, there was no training camp and it's a shortened season so every missed game was twice as much critical. So PK budged and signed a ridiculous small deal that nobody saw coming.
Even the over dramatic critics of PK calling him selfish and not a team player because he didn't agree to a deal with management didn't expect him to sign for such a small deal.
The Habs offer was rumoured at $5M over 2 years, not for each year.

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