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10-12-2006, 07:47 AM
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Originally Posted by stick9 View Post
Ask Jason Allison, Anson Carter and Sergei Samsonov about playing thru a wrist injury.

IMO, if you aren't getting paid to play you should probably take the time off and let it heal. Wrist injuries have a way of lingering. I know I went thru it myself, all 10 months of it.
I'm finding this out for myself. I injured my right wrist playing roller hockey back at the start of March during training. There was 10 minutes left so I figured I'd carry on even though I couldn't hold the stick properly with my right hand. I got it x-rayed the day after but didn't find out what was wrong with it until 2.5 weeks later as xrays were inconclusive. Turns out it was a damaged muscle and I took the next three weeks off from playing (and returned too soon as I was fairly useless for the next 8 weeks, but fortunately I didn't injure it further). Most of my range of movement in that wrist is back now and a decent amount of strength, but it's still not 100%.

If you have any doubts over a wrist injury, rest it. It sucks not to play hockey but things can easily go wrong with a wrist injury. Doctors I saw and research I did on wrist injuries said sometimes you break a bone but it only feels like a sprain, and sometimes you sprain a muscle and it feels like a broken bone. So if you don't know what you are dealing with, its easy to do something you shouldn't. Add to that, bones in the wrist can take an incredible amount of time to heal (scaphoid bone I think takes longest or close to longest time to heal of all bones in the body) so you don't want to chance it if you can avoid it. And not just because of hockey. Look at what Sheldon Souray went through. The guy had so many opperations he was at the point where one more and he would likely have had to retire. If he'd pushed his wrist any further, he might not have been able to drive, open doors or pick up shopping, let alone take 100mph+ slapshots.

Best advice I have for anyone with a wrist injury, don't do anything until you know EXACTLY what is wrong and then, once you do, take plenty of time to let it recover. I was stupid to return to the game after 3 weeks off, most of the time I could only play with one hand on the stick anyways so I didn't get much out of it. I also couldn't drive for a month after it happened. But now I'd rather miss a couple of months of driving/hockey/whatever else just to be on the safe side and not risk having to live without driving/hockey/etc.

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