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06-11-2013, 01:50 PM
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Originally Posted by John Wayne Gretzky View Post
The Coburn thing goes with the suggestive offer sheet to Piets, not saying that would happen, but if it did, you dump Coburn for a 2nd rounder.

From what I understand we can only buy out one guy this year, its a tough call on which one to buy out.

That defensive play we all fell in love with from Couturier was missing all season, and hes young, I get that, and I am never one to say trade away your young guys, but if it came to a straight up swap for Ryan, I do it 10 times out of 10. Who replaces Couts you say? Scott Laughton. I think he can play the same game, with more strength in the corners and forechecking ability.
Couturier's defensive play actually wasn't missing. Statistics show he's still among the best defensive centers in the league. If Lavi is fired and we go to a defensive system, Couturier will become even more important. He's one of the few guys who knows how to play defensive hockey and move the puck from his own end. You need players that fit the system, and Couturier fits that very well. Laughton cannot replace Couturier defensively.

As for Ryan, I wouldn't bother trading for him. See if he can be had in UFA. He isn't really a need. Couturier and his defensive abilities are a need.

I'm pretty sure we can use both amnesties this year if needed, they just have a two year expiration date.

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