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Originally Posted by NeedleInTheHay View Post
Reposting this since it was at the end of the last thread. Maybe by some crazy miracle someone from the Pens org. will read this response and it will make it's way to Mario's desk and next thing ya know, the hammer falls on Bylsma. Or one can dream.

If DB is coaching game 1 with MAF starting I don't know if I can do it anymore.

This is coming from a guy who's seen Mario pre and post retirement live, been to pens games at 4 different arenas, payed for glass seats to see Brian Holzinger and a bunch of losers get smacked around by Columbus, watched most of the games the year Dick Tarnstrom led the team in scoring...

But that scenario could be my breaking point where I need a break from the Pens.
My dad had to quit watching the Steelers for a while in the late 90's because he hated Kordell Stewart so much. I never got it as a kid because go Steelers, but Bylsma has made me understand his feelings a little better.

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