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Originally Posted by Guffaw View Post
I've never hit anyone so I do control my stick. That being said, sticks and pucks will come up
at every level from time to time. It's unavoidable. Anything less than full face protection is ridiculous IMO if u aren't getting paid. To each his own though. Choose to look cool or have better vision then deal with the potential consequences. Skate blades, ice surface, sticks, pucks, and the occasional fist I'm going to not wear a seat belt and then yell at the girl that hit me head on that I can't feel my legs. Lotta good that will do me.
The culture has changed for some reason and it shouldn't have. Guys didn't tolerate high sticks and shots before. If a shot happens to get deflected and comes high it's a different situation and I think everyone would realize it was an accident. However letting lose a slap shot from the point that goes way over the cross bar because you can't control your shot or randomly swinging your stick around at head level are unacceptable at any level, regardless of the equipment worn.

As for your example, they aren't comparable. It's like me trying to relate sexual assaults... blaming it on the victim because of their clothing choice doesn't make any sense I think everyone would agree but it's completely unrelated to the topic.

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