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10-12-2006, 08:16 AM
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You seem to feel that by me calling the band "emo" I'm insulting or critisizing. Well that isn't the case. I'm calling them what they are, if you can't deal with it, too bad for you. I know a lot of other people who agree they are emo, and I know many people who think they are not. Both on this board and in real life. Fact is once again we go back to a matter of OPINION. Do I need to break out the dictionary and explain to you the word? MY OPINION IS THEY ARE AN EMO BAND. EMO IS A GENRE OF MUSIC. A CLASSIFICATION. IF THATS MY OPINION IT ISN'T AN INSULT, IT'S MY ****ING OPINION. GET IT THROUGH YOUR HEAD.


Oh and btw, about coldplay/U2. I don't remember really how I phrased what I said earlier, whether or not I said "rip off" or w/e may have been harsh wording. I more-so just feel the bands "at time", have a very similar sound in many ways. I meant more-so that coldplay is the new-age version of U2 and/or will be. Not that they are exactly the same or ripping them off. I apologize for making you feel bad about coldplay or w/e I did earlier. I wouldn't want to offend your personal tastes with my "stupid" opinions.

Oh and before you jump down my throat saying "you must have read my post or how did u reply" blah blah blah, yes I changed my mind and I read it. But really I don't think your a stupid or a bad guy or anything, I just think that you really can't comprehend that your the one not letting it go. I'm not the diehard fan of the band, I don't care about other people's opinions of them, be it liking them or hating them. I personally don't care. People's opinions were asked, I gave mine. If you want to defend your band against my opinion of them that's your perogative, but it still remains my opinion so leave it be.

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