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Originally Posted by Sanderson View Post
Regen just means that a player gets recycled (or better: regenerated, thus 'regen') out of a player that just retired. You have the players in the database, and everytime one of them retires he is turned into a new young player again, taking some core elements of his prior version with him.

A regen isn't something special, it is the principle behind player creation. By using the same pool of players again and again, you make sure that the talent level stays about the same all the time. A player's potential can move in a certain range, but there are no drastic changes. That kind of system makes sure that every level has the amount of talent it should have and you don't experience an explosion in talent or end up with only players who aren't even good enough for major juniors. Every player gets regenerated in the same way, regardless of whether it is Crosby or a player who retires at age 16 because he's too bad to make it any further.
Thanks, makes sense.

I was always curious what happened later on.

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