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06-11-2013, 03:18 PM
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Originally Posted by John Wayne Gretzky View Post
The Coburn thing goes with the suggestive offer sheet to Piets, not saying that would happen, but if it did, you dump Coburn for a 2nd rounder.

From what I understand we can only buy out one guy this year, its a tough call on which one to buy out.

That defensive play we all fell in love with from Couturier was missing all season, and hes young, I get that, and I am never one to say trade away your young guys, but if it came to a straight up swap for Ryan, I do it 10 times out of 10. Who replaces Couts you say? Scott Laughton. I think he can play the same game, with more strength in the corners and forechecking ability.
If the stats are delved into Couts defensive stats were arguably better than last years, or at least even to them... he was in the top 5 in the NHL for hardest minutes played when own zone starts and quality of competition are looked into. He played more PK than most of those in that 'zone' of hard minutes as well, and with worse, more inconsistent linemates. Of players who played those kinds of minutes he was the best by far as well.

If the figures are looked at he matched up against pretty much every teams top line, night in, night out, and came out better than them in zone starts (top 5 highest zone gains in the league) and had a positive Corsi... and gets next to no penalties.

He also put up pretty much exactly the same PPG as last year, with worse linemates, on a worse team.

He is already a top defensive forward in this league (the stats would indicate he is among the top 15 forwards in the league in terms of defence, he was last year as well) and the best on our team by some way.

Can anyone think of the last time a guy in his first two years in the NHL was his teams best defensive player and most trusted on PK?

Laughton cannot replace what he does, he really cannot, as there are very few players in the league already who can.

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