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06-11-2013, 03:40 PM
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Originally Posted by WeThreeKings View Post
You'll see hoto, you'll see!

Yup, I'm a poor judge of speed. Grant's a poor judge of speed, I mean the guy's only a professional scout, what would he know?
McCarron is big and a good skater for his size at his age. What do you expect of a big kid like that at his age? Tremendous agility, tight turns, figure-skating like edge work? He's got to get coordinated to his body and the fact that his skating is where it is at his age, is an encouraging sign. I'm not keen on taking McCarron in the first round but I would look at him in the 2nd round. Lucic isn't a road runner either, definitely wasn't in his draft year, but mechanical and technical issues with skating can be fixed with the right amount of work.
Dickinson is a great pick, if you've actually been reading, you'll know I am one of his biggest supporters. That being said, he gives up what, 3-4 inches up in height to McCarron? Of course his skating is going to be better and more refined.
Very well put unless someone drops big time I think McCarron would be great for us. I haven't seen him play really a couple of online things the last few weeks I wanna know does he fight? Or more importantly can he fight when he has too? And what's his character like?

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