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06-11-2013, 05:42 PM
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The reason why I posted on here, was that she wasn't having too much luck atm, and I figured some posters may have some good places they know.[/QUOTE]

I did the same thing she is now doing 2 years in a row. I did my homework on the size of the dog, characteristics, intelligence for the first dog and I got a dud. Pappi-poodle from hell. The person I bought the dog off said she was paper trained. I spent 5-7 months trying to get her to go outside. She crapped and peed in every room, bed , clothes etc. At about a year she has settled down but still is inconsistent. The breed was supposed to be intelligent and a good walking dog. This one isn't too swift.

The second one I got to be buddies with her I obtained from a breeder. Italian Greyhound. Paid a good sum of money and again and the research was not very compelling of the traits of this breed. He is miles ahead of the other in bathroom but almost refuses to go outside and settles on doing business on the pads in the kennel. He is 6 months now and still literally chews everything and is beyond nosey in finding stuff to chew and puke up. The breed is supposed to be more on the calm side but I am not seeing this as he is constantly racing up and down the house all the time. I take them both for two walks a day and this does not have much effect. I have had to use the muzzle up to 3 times in a day. With his chewing in and outside I have had to de worm him, again. I would never buy another puppy for a dog again. I previously had a terrier poodle that was 100 times smarter then both these dogs.

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