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10-12-2006, 10:19 AM
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Originally Posted by IcE ColD View Post
I'm on Star Choice as well but I don't recommend it. Only in the last year, I've lost the signal over 15-20 times and each time it was for more than 20 minutes... I guess it really depends on where you live.
Actually, that's a sign your dish is off a bit. I have a ghetto arrangement (due to being in an apartment building) that I created myself involving a large metal pole encased in a cement block, but it tends to move about once a season... takes me 2 minutes to fix.

One that's mounted properly might move, but it's a lot more rare. Still, I'd check my signal levels if I were you. If you're in the 50-65 range, you might want to adjust your dish a few millimeters to get it back into the high 70s/80s; you'll stop losing the signal so often.

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