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Originally Posted by HooliganX2 View Post
Quick let up some bad goals as well in the series or the goals we should have scored we didn't convert. If we scored 1 more goal a game we could have won.

I could care less about having Halak on our roster next season. I am perfectly comfortable with Elliott and Allen going in to next season.

I really don't understand the Miller obsession he hasn't been a great goalie in years. He may be an upgrade over what we have but even that is not a sure thing. Look at a team like the Rangers who have the best goalie in the league. He has yet to be a difference maker for the NYR to win the cup or even make the finals.

I just don't think we should waste any assets to get Miller as he's not the difference maker we need.
Eh I don't really agree with this. Miller has played at the same level for years, however the team in grit of him has been brutal, even when making the playoffs. Miller gets flack because of his attitude because he's like Lundqvist, a great goalie on a mediocre team. And if you don't think Lundqvist has been a difference maker in the playoffs for the Rangers I'm gonna have to say you don't actually watch their games. Lundqvist keeps the Rangers a good team but they just can't score.

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