Thread: Confirmed with Link: Subban wins the Norris!!!!! (per Reality)
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06-11-2013, 09:56 PM
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Originally Posted by Dr Gonzo View Post
Subban did quite well hitting the net this year.

Only 42 missed shots to earn his 126 shots on net.

Compare that to Markov's 34 missed shots for 79 shots on net.

Letang had 37 missed shots for 95 shots on net.
What about Karlsson? I'm sure he did better!

Originally Posted by Estimated_Prophet
Shooting percentage is the most useless stat in hockey.
True, but it does have some uses. By that I mean determining wether a player has been abnormally lucky or unlucky in a season. An average player that usually shots at 8% and jumps at 16% for a season, doubling his goal totals, didn't magically become a goal scoring machine. He was probably lucky, and is unlikely to repeat the exploit the next year. Meanwhile a player that usually shoots for 10% but only does 7% in a given year didn't become garbage all of a sudden and will most likely bounce back over time. Its a good tool when doing pools, most people just look at the previous season and expect players to continue progressing or regressing assuming the trend that has been going on the past 2 season (or past 10 games, with Leafs fans) will continue.

Comparing shooting % between players of course is completely useless, I agree, since it has almost nothing to do with how well a player shoots.

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