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06-11-2013, 10:08 PM
Steve Kournianos
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The funny thing about these people diminishing the role/importance of the media are the same people who hit refresh every 30 secs on twitter for updates on trades, updates, drafts, firings, hirings etc.

They get paid to cover the team to provide information to the public. The team has a responsibility to provide it to them. Thats why teams (whoa surprise surprise) have media relations depts, PR departments and communications departments.

The Yankees have been and always will be the gold standard when it comes to providing the media (and subsequently the real people who matter -- the fans) with round-the-clock access to their team. Cashman made more public statements about his affair and divorce than Torts did about the entire 2012 postseason.

It's a trade off: athletes make millions of dollars because they provide millions of people with entertainment. Without the people, there's no money, and without the athletes there's no entertainment. Symbiosis.

After Sather was hired in 2000, he was a parrot. He was all over town, chatting with everybody, talking about everything. Then the losing became commonplace and he vanished.

Dolan could care less. The Rangers sell out every night and have generated playoff revenue in 7 of 8 seasons. They're a cash cow for him no matter how many Reddens he has in the minors. You think Dolan says "well the only reason why the Rangers are competitive is Lundqvist!" To Dolan, Sather's moves -- right, wrong or indifferent -- have made him millions. He's not going to change that.

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