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06-12-2013, 01:27 AM
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Originally Posted by Cloudedthought View Post
You may not believe this but I lost a lot of respect for Dredge on Free Agency Trade deadline. Lets look at how this ran...

A.) The leaks are legit - Why would one side keep trying to cut a deal when TSN was leaking every offer? General Managers have a lot of pride and do not want to be taken or look bad. Gillis has made it clear by firing Vignault that he is concerned with public image with the fans.
So why keep beating that horse if it was obvious Nonis was ******* him around?

B.) The leaks are fake - This whole season I watched a campaign to drive down Lou's value on TSN and CBC and it opened my eyes to how slanted and bia's our sports networks are. So running with that we see leak after leak looking like a desperate GM losing his cool trying to dump Lou. Honestly dont think the owners would keep him around if he was that uncool.

Bit of a unorganized rant but I dont buy those leaks and will wait and see at the draft for a clearer idea of whats what.

As for the contract,it sucks for sure. I feel sorry for Lou and think the guy deserved to be treated better than he has this year. He has shown true character.
So, given the way you presented that you think it's a media conspiracy to devalue Luongo?

Lol. Maybe they were just reporting on how Luongo's contract makes his value minimal to negative because it's true. If it was just a media conspiracy (please ), you'd think a GM would have traded for Luongo at some point in the eternity since it was announced they wanted to trade him... loooong before the trade deadline.

The amount of time that has elapsed since it was clear he was trade bait it proof enough that he has very low if any value. Gillis had plenty of time to trade him, he couldn't. There's no conspiracy, and there's no reason to make up rumour of a deal that didn't go down. I can't believe even now there are posts suggesting he'll return a 1st round pick or more.

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