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01-06-2004, 12:37 PM
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Originally Posted by Guy!
Something to remember, his hand was forced here: remember the debacle the French press made of Mal skiing on the bunny hill after his knee problems. This trade could have really come back to haunt the Habs big time if Mal had ever played to his potential.

Imagine if he'd broken out once he'd been run out of town and put together all the pieces of his game along with the desire to play? Souray on his best day wouldn't be half the defender Mal could have been - still could be if he'd ever get his mind in shape.

I've stated it in the past, and I'll reiterate here, Mal is probably the most talented player in the NHL, by quite some margin, and probably the best defender ever to play the game in terms of talent.

He could skate as well if not better than Coffey. He could hit like the Big Bird. He could shoot like Bourque. He could pass like Gretzky. Really, the guy had it all, just not the head to put it together.

Sheesh, I'm talking like he's in the past tense but still he toils away in New York. Then again, I know, as does everyone else, that he'll never put it together fully. Big shame. However, that's how enigma's go.

And therein lies Reggie's salvation.


I was a big fan of Malakov's, but most talented player in the NHL by some margin? No way, imo. Jagr I think is the most talented, Fedorov, Hossa, Kolvachuck. It's a matter of opinion though, and there's no doubt Malakov has skills. His end to end rushes were always great to watch. I remember sending an email to the organization asking them not to trade Malakov, and he was traded two days later. Oh well, the deal has worked out for us.

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