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06-12-2013, 07:23 AM
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Originally Posted by BigDaddyLurch View Post
OK, I know I should just give up trying to make people understand the validity of a trade like this, but I'm stubborn, so here goes:

Simplified Scenario:

MTL & Tampa do the trade...

MTL buys out Vinny...

Vinny can now resign with Tampa (lets say 4 years, 15 mill; 3,75 mill cap hit)...

Tampa now has cap space (extra 4 mill for the 4 years of Vinny's new contract and extra 7,73 mill for the following 3 years) & cash (extra 30 mill they were going to pay to Vinny on old contract) to sign more help to make team contender (Iggy, Horton, defensive help, whatever they want to use it on) plus they still have Vinny...

For facilitating this paper transaction and saving Tampa 30 million, MTL gets #3 this year...

The same type of deal can help out the Islanders with DiPietro.

Give it up.. We have an owner willing to spend money so there's no point a giving up the third pick

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