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01-06-2004, 12:40 PM
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Originally Posted by Larry44
I'll try to be gentle here since you're a Dan K fan, but the DAN Line was possibly the worst line in Flyer history, and certainly a major weakness once the Flyers got up against the 4-line Red Wings in the SCF. We only had 3 lines and it hurt us. They didn't really contribute much at all, except to boost up the team's average height and weight, and PIMs.
Thanks for being gentle

I think maybe you're being a little harsh on their talent level. I never said they carried a game, they contributed. The problem didn't come down to the other lines being tired, scared yes, but not tired. The rest of the team either didn't come to play or were just outplayed by the Red Wings. It was not because of the Dan line.

Why would you want to rewrite history?