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06-12-2013, 08:49 AM
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Originally Posted by leclair1088 View Post
Is there only going to be one model of PS4? Some kid at my work said there will be a $400 model, $500 model and $600 model but I can't find anything that confirms this...
As far as I have seen there is only one model. I think it has 500GB of would seem pointless to have two other models with higher memory capacity than that. I know some people will fill that up, but I think th evast majority of PS4 owners will never fill it all up. So unless there would be some sort of extra features besides memory being offered in different models, I don't think there will be anything other than the $400 model they announced. Also, when I pre-ordered my PS4 there was no other option, so at least there won't be another model at launch.

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