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06-12-2013, 10:07 AM
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Okay, I missed that part after the far fetched scenario of Tampa reacquiring him. So they get Vinny back at 3.75 and then spend good coin on players that are mostly at the end of their career? I don't see a realistic scenario where Vinny at 3.5 plus any 2 of those guys you mentioned would be better than the next three years of Vinny and Drouin at 11 million.

Are any of those free agents going to put them over the top and make them a cup contender? Whoever they get at #3 is going to be cost controlled for a while and Vinny's big pay day runs out after year 4 so I really don't see it as big of a deal as you are making it out to be. As another poster mentioned, it seems like you are valuing Vinny as a complete dead weight contract like DP's when he still does have value to Tampa.

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