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Originally Posted by raketheleaves View Post
Yes, that's the same league I played in. AA hockey is very good. Lots of future NHLers in there. I like looking back at my old tournament booklets and seeing the NHLers, or guys who should have made it.

So, it's all confused now. Everything has split off into different teams at different levels??? Confusing.

All the teams at every level used to be called Maroons and then Hurons. We were one big organization and the lower level teams would root for the higher level teams. The stands used to be crowded.

AAA was only at the Midget level. I tried out for Montreal-Bourrassa AAA (don't know if they are still around), but was cut. I was a goalie (not very good either!). The guy who won the job was Stephane Fiset.
in BB its Hurricanes, Fede de l'est, Fede 76, P.A.T, Braves Ahuntsic and JSH. Its an 8 team league when you include the 2 teams from Bourassa.(

CC no longer exist in Montreal

AA has Maroons de Montreal who are connected with Fede 76 amd Hurricanes and Ahuntsic from the BB level. and Etoiles de l'est who are connected with Fede de l'est, P.A.T, J.SH.

Midget AAA.. Montreal-Bourassa changed 2 years ago.
Montreal is now on it's own.
Laval is now with Bourassa and form a team called le Rousseau sports de Laval-Bourassa.

back in the day it was les Regents de Laval-Laurentides-Lanaudiere
now its Vikings des Laurentides, Rousseau Sports de Laval Bourassa and Draveurs de Crabtree.

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