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06-12-2013, 09:32 AM
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The sad state of German hockey

So, according to the DEB there will be no season in the 2.Bundesliga this year.
They will start again in 2014/15.
Hannover, Riessersee and Kaufbeuren who are supporting the DEB will be playing in the Oberliga this year, while the other 9 teams (Crimmitschau, Bietigheim, Heilbronn, Bremerhaven, Rosenheim, Ravensburg, Dresden, Wei▀wasser and Bad Nauheim) still plan to start their rogue league (DEL II).

Can somebody explain to me why nobody involved really seems to care about German hockey?

Personally I tend to side with the rogue teams because I believe it would be best if the teams would govern their leagues themselves while the DEB focusses on the national team.

One thing's for sure this neverending quarrel will not help German hockey going forward, but no one seems inclined to resolve the issue unless they get everything they want. Seriously do these people even know how a compromise works?

What do other German hockey fans here think about this?
Opinions from non Germans are welcome too, of course.

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