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Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
I don't understand your reasoning. Because his contract is already high, he shouldn't ask for a raise, or because his contract is so high that a raise would hurt the team he shouldn't ask for a raise?
Both. His contract is already high and if anything he's been stagnant (referring to his play since he signed his most recent extension) so why ask for a raise unless something has change between him and the organization?

Malkin is a top talent in the league. Ok, he didn't play well in the ECF, but he did the remainder of the playoffs and throughout the season. If he wants to stay in Pittsburgh and not take a raise, great. But if he wants a raise, he is certainly entitled to it. From what I have seen from him, he is not slowing down any time soon. He is 27 years old, so barring any injury likely has ten years or so left in the tank, much which will be at elite performance. What exactly should he be asking for? Is $9 million too much? $9.5 million? I'm not trying to be a dick, but he makes $8.7 million and you say yourself he is dominant and deserves a raise.
I said he may deserve a raise cause one could argue that but I wouldn't necessarily agree. IMO he's fine right where he is now, 8.7 mil or 9 mil (not really a raise considering inflation/cost of living and all that). As I said before he hasn't out performed himself so how can you take a "discount" at 8.7 per for 5 yrs then turn around to the same team and say I want 10 when you haven't gotten any better, in fact you're closer to moving past your prime (I agree though he probably has a ways to go). This is where may comment about audacity comes into play.

Idk, maybe he is worth more (to another team for example) but the word worth is relative.

Yes, he may make more than Crosby, but that is irrelevant. Crosby is on a team friendly deal and not up for a contract extension. If he was, he would probably be asking for more money too (unless he wanted to take a deal that helps the team, which Malkin is clearly not interested in). Malkin will be a UFA next season. If he wants $10 million, chances are someone will give it to him (barring something crazy happening next season injury-wise). If he wants to stay in Pitt, I agree that getting $10 million would hurt the team, but I think he knows that as well and likely doesn't care where he gets the $10 million from, which is why he is asking for it.
In my opinion when the face of your franchise, your captain has been labeled the best player in the world you don't turn around and give someone else on the team more money. Maybe that's stupid but that's just how I think of things, to me that's not irrelevant at all.

So just to sum up my pov, he's an elite player that didn't step up when his team needed him and things mattered most, he then requests a substantial raise when he hasn't improved his play from his previous contract, which would not only put the organization in a bind financially but would also make him the highest payed player on the team when Crosby is there. Again he may be worth it to another team as the worth of a player is relative (a team may be willing to give him an extra mil to two cause they are in desperate need like Nashville for example though they have some nice young talent coming up so they'll be a contender soon IMO) but to ask 10 mil per from the pens is ballsy IMO and quite frankly I don't like it. If shows he either doesn't give a crap about the team/only cares about himself or that there's some sort of conflict going on in which case he may be looking to force a trade.

Originally Posted by Beef Invictus View Post
The cap has also gone up a lot since his current deal was inked. At the time it took up 15% of the Pens cap. With the 64.3 mil cap, 10 million would be 15%, again. I don't think it's a big deal...but the Pens might want to look into trading him to build more depth.
I considered this as well but I don't really get this argument. Why should it matter the percent of the cap he's taking up? Teams change and may no longer have the capacity to devote such a large sum to an individual. IMO the cost of a player should be based on the contracts around the league, a players age/injury history and a players performance in previous years.

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