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Originally Posted by AirBriere48 View Post
My sense from his comments is that he has it 1) Barkov 2) Nichuskin 3) Lindholm as far as Euros go, based on the order in which he discussed them throughout the interview (i.e. discussed Barkov, then Nichuskin earlier on, and then when Simon asked who are the next best Euros, he mentioned Lindholm). Even more so than that, however, was the cursory description he gave of Lindholm ("well the next guy after that would be probably Lindholm, the Swedish center") vs. his descriptions of Barkov and Nichuskin where he talked in much greater depth about their skill sets and offered glowing NHL comparisons (Kopitar and Malkin, respectively).

Then there was also this line: "It's not a real good year from Sweden."

Could be reading too much into it, but that's definitely the sense I came away with.
I think you're reading too much into it. I think the comment re: Sweden was about the class as a whole. If anything, I think that bodes poorly for those who are hoping guys like Burakowsky, de la Rose, Hagg, et al. end up in Buffalo. It also sounded like he had Wennberg #4 on that list of Euros.

Even if he has Lindholm below Nichushkin, there's still a good chance that Lindholm would be a great pick at #8, and that they think the same.

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