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06-12-2013, 11:23 AM
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Okay, seeing this BPA versus Need debate popping up again and I think its a bit of a red herring.

Need sounds simple to understand, draft wingers if you need wingers, big guys if you need big guys. Only twist is whether the need is for now, which is a problem given the time it takes to develop players or anticipating a coming need.

BPA is complicated because how do you determine BPA ? Obviously there is subjectivity involved even if part of it is based on objective testing. It has to be very subjective because the evaluator chooses the criteria, and this should lead to issues if followed blindly. When Serge Savard was GM he took a lot of big guys in round 1 and Houle pretty much stuck to this also. That's fine, and they considered other qualities like character, grit, scoring, physical play etc, everything except one thing, skating ability. Sounds stupid that given that the game is played on ice that skating wouldn't be considered really important, but it wasn't. While the players may have also failed for other reasons, so many were identified as having poor foot speed, after years of our being told their foot speed would improve. This is why I freak whenever I read about us taking a guy who is a poor skater, like I hear about Zykov . Anyway, think the Habs drafted based on BPA back then.

Andre Savard came along and he was a believer in speed and skill, hiring TT who shared that view. Fortunately for us drafting the BPA when your primary criteria are speed and skating results in a lot better draft picks than when you don't emphasize skating. TT has done a great job. He didn't care that PK was barely an averaged size D man, he was fast and skilled among other things, Houle would have taken a pass probably. Only issue with our approach is that with some exceptions ( Patches, Tinordi ), big, fast and skilled guys usually don't drop to where we are drafting, so we end up with speed, skill and smaller sized guys. Again, would rather that than constant busts. Just wish that the size and physical play sides of the criteria were given more weight.

This year is exciting though because even with our emphasis on speed and skill there are so many big players who at least have good speed and a decent skill set that we should boost our size and physical play pool of players at both forward ( Horvat, De La Rose, etc. ) and backend especially ( Morin, Ristolainen, Heatherington, Santini, Diaby, etc ) because some of these guys will be there when we pick.

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