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06-12-2013, 11:50 AM
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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
Thing is I could also get to a whole lot of great gritty and physical players that didn,t make it either. For his small size, Brule was really physical in Juniors. And that's probably what killed him later as he tried to be as physical and just didn't have the strength to do it. And some more examples, much bigger ones who also didn't succeed, but not because they weren't gritty or big enough, but because they weren't talented or didn't have the hockey sense enough....Was Turner Stevenson a can't miss prospect? How was Bilodeau? Terry Ryan...wasn't he physical? But then we overestimated all these other aspects like skating and so on...

Again, it's all about knowing the prospects qualities and determine if we can work with those weaknesses. If you determine that the guy has no heart, no desire and just that is afraid of playing physical, OF COURSE you don't pick him even if he scores 200 goals per year. But it has to be tough to determine, but we'll let the professionnals deal with that.

I mean, we all understand that being a big guy isn't enough. We all see how Latendresse was playing. And that once he hurt DiMaio, this guy was done physically. He was going to say that he was sorry everytime he hit someone. Another guy that makes me wonder is MY guy....Max. I mean, we did hear him talk about his "new" style there, his new freakin perimeter style he didn't seem to be playing. He also was on the wrong end of a hit and giving tough hits he going to turn Latendresse now? You hope not 'cause as talented as he is, it won't work if he's all worried about the hit game. And somehow....we'll see....but let's hope that it won't also be the case for Eller, another tall guy.....So Mantha, IS not a slam dunk pick. But he needs to be consider. I could tell you that as strong as this draft is, at 25, we will have some question marks about the pick.
I'm aware there are going to be question marks about a pick.. I'd rather the question marks be about other things rather than work ethic or desire. When you admit, on your own, that your work ethic is bad, you -know- it's bad. Work ethic is really hard to instill, you either have it or you don't and this team isn't very good at getting players to stay motivated like Bowman was able to do to his players in Detroit.

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