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06-12-2013, 11:56 AM
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Originally Posted by Mathletic View Post
I agree he doesn't seem to be the type of guy the Canadiens are after this off-season. That said, I'm simply stating my opinion.

I expect these kinds of players to be invisible at times. Guys like Brett Hull, Carter and so on are just like that. When they don't score, they're rarely of any use. That said, what they bring to the table is goal-scoring abilities. Some players are better at carrying the puck, setting up the play and whatnot. Before knocking Mantha for what he's not, I'd rather look at what he is. What he is, is a good goal-scorer. I also think his skills can translate to the NHL. Here's a video of Button after he watched Mantha score 4 goals on Rimouski. He'll obviously have a different take than that of Timmins who watched Mantha on an off-night.

What I like to hear: senses where opportunities will come from, where the timing will be and where the space will open up.

I agree he has to work on his play without the puck, but seriously I get tired of hearing this. There's just so many good players of whom you can say that at the junior level.

What you say of Mantha is what people said of Saad not too long ago. Just went back to look at some reports, here's what TSR had to say:

"Saad is a big winger with good speed, a hard shot, and a fairly good head for the game, but he lacks the drive you need to be a top line player at the next level. Saad shies away from contact despite being a big player and never really uses his body to his advantage. He doesnít drive the front of the net enough and just isnít willing to pay the price. All is not lost with Saad, as he does have goal scoring talent, but he needs to show a lot more if he wants to have that opportunity in the NHL."

For me, he'd be terrific value at 25. I can understand why some people don't want him.
Saad's been pretty invisible in the play-offs. He's a rookie though, I'll cut him some slack. You have to read my posts under the impression that I am only looking to draft players that will give you play-off success. Mantha might become a Ryder at the NHL level, which is fine for a team like Columbus, who are happy to make the play-offs.. but I want to ****ing win in the play-offs and by all reports, Mantha doesn't have that in him. I'd prefer Hartman, he might score half the goals Mantha does but he'll do a lot more for you in crunch time.

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