Thread: Confirmed with Link: Rangers Name Alain Vigneault Head Coach
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06-12-2013, 11:59 AM
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Originally Posted by Ola View Post
On a serious note, it is ridiculos if Dave Tippet is not our coach next season -- if we want him to be our coach.

Completely ridiculos.

Dave Tippet is today coaching a bankrupt budget team in the worst hockey market in NA. We unlimited resources. What's Tippet paid in PHX? 1m? Well give him 7m to get him here, he would be the first ever to turn down that amount of money.

If Slats want Tippet, he should go out and get him.

That is a great point Ola. Dolan has never been afraid to spend money. If you need a several million dollar signing bonus to get a coach so be it!

I do think Sather will be careful how he approaches this because of Maloney. Business is business, but at the same time Sather is fiercely loyal. So I guess it just depends on how Tippet plays things. I think Tippet has to announce he is going to interview around, and do so, and then be hired by the Rangers. If it was sudden the Rangers "steal" Tippet on July 1 that wouldn't look good for Maloney and therefore Sather probably wouldn't do it.

And of course, in any case this would be after Sather's self-imposed deadline of before the draft on June 30.

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