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Originally Posted by DKH View Post
Good player but a rat. Not sure how many here are aware of this guy but he is one dirty mother if you ask me. I have friends who watched him in London all the time and others around the NHL, who tell me there is no line this guy wouldn't cross. He's no dummy either- has the Mike Richards smarts to set up and unload on an opposing skilled player and then pull a 'whoa, sorry about that- me bad'. I've known this for awhile so I found it interesting he took out Richards and concussed him and probably impacted that series.

Andrew Shaw will get a lot of attention since he sounds like Brad Marchand is his hero- but as irritating and likely over the edge he may be, Bolland is the guy who I can see zeroing in on Bergeron and Krejci. I figured this was the plan but when I saw him last night sitting during media day with Tappan, Melrose, and Mike Johnson or Kevin Weeks, he mentioned stopping those two guys specifically by name as if he's already got them in sight.

Keep your eyes on this guy folks #36 to me he is the worst combo- pretty good player who has nice talent albeit can be a bit up and down but when he gets hot he can put up points (I'd take him, smart, and will take that predatory open ice hit, or high hit in the corner near the head)

Shaw will likely be a complete a-hole since I think he consciously wants the attention, but Bolland will be the guy that would like nothing better than get a knock out shot at Bergeron or Krejci. I can not even print half the crap I heard on this guy so trust me he concerns me Shaw uses his stick and hits but he's more along the Marchand unnecessary not needed- lack of discipline stuff like massaging Morrow's balls with his stick, or the dumb take out on Crosby; but Bolland is looking to put your guy in a darkroom and he is dangerous like Raffi Torres with more talent. Campbell actually would have been a nice assignment to him but whatever, Boston can make do.

Also, watch the Hawks system- everything flows from the right defense and Boston needs to get pucks deep on them-especially Keith, Leddy, and Oduya and hammer them but support the intermediary first pass area.

Bruins in 6

I believe all of this, but if your friends in London know, pretty sure DK and Bergeron are aware of this also? Best defense can be a good offense, why not have Lucic **** him up before he goes after our guys. Even if he doesn't get him right away, Bolland will have to have his head on a swivel as well because Looch is big/strong enough to hurt you without being dirty.

It's hard to target other guys when you are being hunted...

As far as Bickell goes, he's a decent player and having a good playoff series, but he is not a match for Chara IMO, nor is he a good comparison to Lucic as some have been doing (Bickell has something like 4 fights in the last few years, and is not a great fighter).

B's need to keep playing their game, get the puck in deep, punish the D, and clog the NZ when they do break out, creating offensive opportunities with their D.

Tough series, B's in 6.

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