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Originally Posted by Bluenote13 View Post
The Habs were too strong, yet in your other post you say that trade cost us a chance at 2 or 3 Cups......?
yeah, we would have had a better chance with the two better players.
We still needed a deeper, slightly better team, but we would have been [more] competitive, IMO. The better a team is, the better chance an underdog can upset on a break, etc.

Wasn't Espo one of the big reasons we were in the '79 finals? Davidson was a beast, but Espo was no slouch.
Yes. But across the board, year per year, on average, all factors into account, we would have been better with Ratelle.

My knock on Espo as a player is that he was one dimensional, and unlike Stamkos who can manufacture on his own from the slot (though he prefers MSL when available), Espo was better off getting fed. Ratelle manufactured more on his own, and was still a passing threat.

My knock on Espo as a GM is stated, but he was not as bad as Francis, who in one fell swoop undid much of the good he did. He raised us up, yes, but crippled us too, when we were otherwise in striking distance. And again, it was not a matter of bad judgment on talent. He was putting himself and his arrogance ahead of the fans to make a statement.

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