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Originally Posted by Habs View Post
No, I just view the team without the rose colored glasses. You just compared the key players from a Stanely cup team, a team still in the final four this year, to our bumbling little club.

You overvalue our players, and undervalue the rest of the league, just like management has the last 20 years. Do you watch the Kings , and the players you lumped ours as being equal?

While P.K and Doughty are similar, no question, the rest are still much better hockey players and have proven so. I personally don't like Penner that much, but the rest of the group bring such a nice mixture of size , sill and forechecking pressure that we simply do not have.

I'm also tired of people lumping Eller into some sort of Power Forward role, he never has been and never will be, and Patches is far from filling that role as well.

..oh, and the Price/Quick debate? lol? ... and not far back in this legendary threat, people are saying they would take P.K over Chara any day of the week.. .I seriously spit coffee all over the screen after these awesome comments.

I'm not trying to rip you apart, but this team's core just doesn't compare to the core in LA
Right now? No, of course not. In a few years we might though...

The question is 'are we there yet?' I'd say 'no' but with the pieces we ALREADY have (and will add to in this year's draft) we may actually be there in a year or two. The core of our team has been rebuilt. Like it or not, this is probably what we're going with over the next few years.

And it's really funny to listen to people talk about LA now because I used to get laughed at when I said that they'd be a good team someday... But that's how it goes. Young teams develop and get better. Some (LA) go on to win. Others (Washington) don't - at least not yet.

Our core going forward is: Price, Subban & Galchenyuk. Those players would compare to Quick, Doughty & Kopitar. I certainly think that trio could be as good or better in the future with the real wildcard being Galchenyuk.

Supporting core players we've got Max, Gallagher, Tinordi & Beaulieu coming up. That will help.

The REAL difference between us and a real contender is on the depth. We've got to get big strong character guys who will pay the price to win. Another Brandon Prust, a top four blueliner like Regher, depth guys like Scuderi... that's what we're really missing and we'll need to work on going forward.

I think the core is there (and that's the real hard part) now it's about building around those guys and finding character players to do it. Not to harp on this again but MB is really going to regret not signing PK long term as that will really come back to bite us in a few years.

This year coming up, it's critical that we add to the blueline. We HAVE to get bigger guys there who can stand up and protect the crease. Tinordi helps. Get another guy and we're in okay shape there. No way to know when Emelin comes back so we can't count on him. Ditto with Markov. We've GOT to add to the blueline and if we don't I could see us having a very rough year. BTW, anyone else wishing we still had McD? How much is that move hurting us now?

Also, in the next few seasons we simply can't have Pleks, Gionta, Gallagher and DD and expect to win anything. That HAS to be broken up. Two of those guys have to go and be replaced by bigger skilled players. Not easy to do but necessary if we really want to compete.

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