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Originally Posted by FlyersFan61290 View Post
Both. His contract is already high and if anything he's been stagnant (referring to his play since he signed his most recent extension) so why ask for a raise unless something has change between him and the organization?
He has been stagnant as one of the most dominating players in the league. In general, unless a player is on the downslope of his career, as long as he stays on the same pace he is on (or better) he will get a raise. The exceptions normally include a guy taking a pay cut to stay on the team or to help the team. This is even more true with a player of Malkin's caliber who would be sought after by every single team in the NHL (and other leagues).

I mean, think about what you are saying. The second best player in the world has dominated his entire career. He is a UFA. He is 27. He is going to get a raise unless he decides to stay for a team friendly deal. Even if you don't think he deserves one for some reason, there is nothing shocking about the "audacity" of Malkin to ask for $1.3 million more.

I said he may deserve a raise cause one could argue that but I wouldn't necessarily agree. IMO he's fine right where he is now, 8.7 mil or 9 mil (not really a raise considering inflation/cost of living and all that). As I said before he hasn't out performed himself so how can you take a "discount" at 8.7 per for 5 yrs then turn around to the same team and say I want 10 when you haven't gotten any better, in fact you're closer to moving past your prime (I agree though he probably has a ways to go). This is where may comment about audacity comes into play.

Idk, maybe he is worth more (to another team for example) but the word worth is relative.
Once again, the world doesn't work that way. If you are getting $8.7 million, and are dominating, you are going to get a raise unless you are willing to accept less. It is silly to think that Malkin is making some outrageous demand here. I mean think about UFAs every single year that aren't Evgeni Malkin that get raises for essentially not getting worse. Every year the majority of NHL UFAs (not including fringe NHLers of course, but regular NHL guys that play 82 games a year) get raises. Some of them becuase they improved greatly. Some because their expiring contract was artificially low. Some out of supply and demand. Some because they are simply good players. Now look at Malkin. One of the most dominating players in the NHL since he arrived. He is a 27 year old UFA. Yes he makes a lot, but that doesn't mean he is unreasonable to ask for more.

In my opinion when the face of your franchise, your captain has been labeled the best player in the world you don't turn around and give someone else on the team more money. Maybe that's stupid but that's just how I think of things, to me that's not irrelevant at all.
I didn't say Pitt will give it to him, I said Malkin wasn't unreasonable to want it. He very well may price himself out of Pittsburgh, which I think he knows. But he wants $10 million, and based on his play and current contract, that is not an outrageous demand.

So just to sum up my pov, he's an elite player that didn't step up when his team needed him and things mattered most, he then requests a substantial raise when he hasn't improved his play from his previous contract, which would not only put the organization in a bind financially but would also make him the highest payed player on the team when Crosby is there. Again he may be worth it to another team as the worth of a player is relative (a team may be willing to give him an extra mil to two cause they are in desperate need like Nashville for example though they have some nice young talent coming up so they'll be a contender soon IMO) but to ask 10 mil per from the pens is ballsy IMO and quite frankly I don't like it. If shows he either doesn't give a crap about the team/only cares about himself or that there's some sort of conflict going on in which case he may be looking to force a trade.
Two things: number one I am not sure that a $1.3 million raise is substantial, but I guess we are defining the word differently. Number 2, I agree that he probably does only care about himself, as I have said that in previous posts...he knows he may price himself out of Pittsburgh and he doesn't care (otherwise...why ask for it?). That doesn't strike me as Evgeni Malkin being audacious or unreasonable. It strikes me as a guy making a ton of money, dominating his sport, and wanting more money. A dick move for sure in terms of hurting the Penguins, and I would hate to see a guy like that screw over the Flyers, but it is not unreasonable. If Giroux was making that much, and playing at the same level as Malkin, I wouldn't be shocked if he asked for a raise. That is how the league and the world work.

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