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06-12-2013, 12:52 PM
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Originally Posted by Halibut View Post
Why would they rush to get him after rushing and dropping a wad of cash on Bryzgalov only to have him bought out a couple years later? They'd look like the biggest fools in all of sports if they buy out Bryzgalov this year only to have to do the same to Luongo next year and if they buy out Briere as expected they wont have one left for Roberto.

I think the only way the Flyers go after Luongo is if he is bought out or in a swap for Bryzgalov who the Canucks can buy out. Maybe the Canucks can get an extra piece thrown in for taking Bryzgalov but it wont be a huge piece, more like a 2nd round pick.

I cant see the wild chasing Luongo with that huge contract either, after Parise and Suter and marginal results there cant be that much money left in the bank to take on Luongo.
Why would Philly? Because Ed Snider (supposedly) doesn't care about cash. They are contenders NOW and i don't think Mason is exactly going to be a stellar starter. Luongo is a major upgrade over Bryz skill wise and actually has a lower cap hit. Bryz' buyout is around 1.6ish until 2027. Philly fans have pretty much said Snider would have no issue with that.

Why would the Wild? While i understand the cap concerns, they are also built to win now. They have been paying (cap) Backstrom 6mil for the last 4 years, so Luongo's 5.3 shouldn't be an issue.

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