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06-12-2013, 02:14 PM
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Originally Posted by Chris Shafer View Post
Don't understand the complaining.

We have the room, and Streit is EXACTLY the defenseman we need right now.

And he cost us freaking a 4th.

You guys still want to give up Couturier for Yandle? Let me clarify by saying that Yandle costs 5.25m in space (roughly the same as Streit will cost), Yandle plays the same type of game Streit plays (he is just younger), and he is only slightly better than Streit is now. Plus you lose something valuable; maybe not Couturier (because he's not worth Couturier), but definitely something.

Yandle is not a defensive superhero and neither is Streit. However, we don't need a defensive superhero; we need someone who can move the puck next to Coburn and make him a reasonable defenseman again.

Streit was literally the best option on the market considering the price, experience, and talent level.

Negotiate with him. Don't give him 6m on 4, but definitely try to knock him down to 5m on 3. If you have to settle in between that, then fine.

Seriously though. This is fantastic news.
Agree 100%, well said

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