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06-12-2013, 01:35 PM
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Originally Posted by phlocky View Post
Come on now, whether Buff was actually 300 lbs or not is really irrelavent, the truth is that Buff is fat and over weight. YOUR OWN PRESS in the Win are reporting it. It is a VALID concern for ANY team acquiring him. Read the freaking article. Your own reporter has accepted that in his current state, buff is tough to move and if the Jets do trade him it's going to be for less than what it would be if he was in shape. Your own fans complained about his weight climbing during the season. Hell, I remember in one thread one of your posters on here said he was great for the first 15 games of the season but he seemed to wear down and be not nearly as effective after that. That's a very valid concern.

Buff HAS played at a very high level in the past but seeing how it's pretty evident he has a weight and conditioning problem (I admit that to what extent we don't really know but there is no hiding it in a trade, medical records MUST go along with the trade and the player must pass a physical) no team would be trading for the Buff of old.

Maybe Buff has a depression issue. Maybe he's lost his drive. None of us have a clue but the evidence of there being something wrong is right there and it IS something to be concerned about. It may be a biological issue, who knows. Buff himself may not know. He seems like a decent guy and I'd hate for him just to drop out of the league over this so I hope he gets the help he needs but you can't sit there and act like it's not an issue.
Yes Buff is overweight however there is a HUGE difference between 265 lbs and 300 lbs. I am not sure what is going on with Buff. He's either comfortable at that weight or there could be something else factoring in.

What I do know is that the guy who wrote the article is the worst person in Winnipeg journalism. He's nothing but a hack who only prints items with a WOW factor. He's printed articles that have stated the following:

Bogosian wants out of Winnipeg
Kane wants out of Winnipeg
Burmi wants out of Winnipeg
etc etc etc.

He is basically a tabloid writer who still has a gig at a "respected" news outlet.

He does not print things because they are happening. He prints things to grab your attention. It ****ing disgusts me.

Take a look at this article in general. What can you take away from it? The only thing you can is that Buff maybe sorta kinda could be possibly 300 lbs because a ****ING BLOGGER WROTE IT!




How is this even news?

This is like joining in on a news forum and everyone is talking about tabloid articles. It's nonsense.

Is there a chance that Buff has issues? Sure
Is there a chance that he is at 300lbs? Yes
Is he untraceable? I don't think so
Should you ever trust ANYTHING that Gary Lawless has to say? NEVER...EVER....EVER...EVER...EVER

This is pretty much my reaction anytime anyone brings up Lawless as a source:

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