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Originally Posted by LegionOfDoom91 View Post
See the thing is with pro-defensemen crowd is that I don't think many of them understand that this is a deep defensemen class. There's going still be some nice defensemen left at #41.
It's not that at all. I'm part of the pro-defenseman crowd and I know that there's a ton of depth available in terms of defensemen this year. I just think that with the defensemen available, there's probably 7 to 10 real high end guys who have excellent potential to be top 2 defenders. The rest don't quite have that level that those 7 to 10 do. I want one of those 7 to 10.

Originally Posted by LegionOfDoom91 View Post
I want to take a defensemen in the first round too (preferably Nurse or Ristolanien) but if guy like Nichushkin or some other forward falls that shouldn't be at #11 then I have no problem with them taking that guy.
A guy like Nichuskin also has top 5 talent. If he drops to 11, I'd certainly have no problem taking a top 5 guy. The problem that I'd have is if there's Ristolainen, Morrissey, Pulock, etc....available and the Flyers opt for someone like Shinkaruk, Domi or Horvat.

Originally Posted by LegionOfDoom91 View Post
Most teams start drafting for needs from the second round and on, I'm pretty confident we'll at least select one defensemen with one of our first two picks.
It's possible, but you never know with this club. It wouldn't surprise me if they chose, say, Shinkaruk in the first and then end up with a guy like Klimchuk or Carrier or someone like that in the 2nd. You just never know what this club will do. I'm hopeful that they target defense and I'm hopeful that with their first pick, they target one of those defenders who have that possible top two upside.

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