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Originally Posted by -31- View Post
Kids On Powertrips: What Do You Know About Brian Boyle and Torey Krug Fan?

Brian Boyle
AKA Zenith
AKA Calle62
AKA Steven Mastrisimone
AKA Brian Boyle

He gave out a record 1,352 infractions in May, and early numbers suggest he will demolish that record this month.

The following PM was leaked to TMZ:

Does this sound like the forum's nicest poster to you?

Torey Krug Fan (aliases: Bob Richards, Booby Richardson)

What do you know about this moderator, besides his undying love love for Torey Krug and the Boston Bruins?

I have it on good source (a doctor standing outside a school) that he once infracted a poster for saying God Bless America.

And why hasn't he shown his birth certificate yet? What is he hiding?

(P.S. Happy Birthday, Bob! Hope it's a great one!)

Vote JCresty for Nicest Poster.

That's all I got. I'm worn down.
Your award is well deserved.
Let us know how many infractions you got for that.

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