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06-12-2013, 03:17 PM
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So, I had determined that I really did not think it was a bone chip, but a swollen and calcified vein. Just to be sure I was not going to release a clot or something and kill my damn self, I finally broke down and went to a doctor. Well, I was wrong. It is not a bone chip, but it is a piece of bone moving around next to my ankle. The doctor described it to me this way:

When you break a bone, you set the two bones back together and your body produces some new bone to bond them. In my case, I took a slapshot to the ankle and my body has reacted to the trauma as if it were a break, and some of this bone material outside my ankle(there was never a break). This material calcified and formed a bone chip basically. Since it lies outside the ankle joint path, it is a matter of how much pain/annoyance I want to endure since it poses no real danger. It does seem to press on the nerves though and if I don't position the tongue at a good angle when I lace up, causes that new segment to move around on top of my ankle which is pretty disconcerting and not terribly pleasurable.

So for now, I play with it as much as I can. If not, I have to get it cut out. Just thought some people might find it interesting to know!

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