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06-12-2013, 02:36 PM
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I think the time away has inflated Rozi's reputation big time around here. He had a very good first year for the Rangers. Loved him that first year. Had high hopes for him after. But his play deteriorated pretty much every year after. His biggest strength was his shot, which he rarely used. Defensively, he was not good. Things being said like, "strong on the puck" and "solid" are not words I would ever use. He was a turnover machine, out of position constantly, prone to mishandling the puck, and pushed off the puck a lot, specifically at the front of the net. I never thought he had a defensive identity either (Wasn't physical, which is fine if your positional, but he wasn't that either, and he couldn't make up for either with speed, or a good stick, which he had neither of). While his contract being an abomination made things difficult for him, I don't believe for a second that he ever got a "raw deal" here. I found the criticism was mostly warranted.

From what I've seen, he looks like he put together a good year for himself this year and I'm honestly happy for him. I remember Renney saying things like Rozi was one of the best men he ever coached, and by all accounts he is a great guy. So seriously, good for him if he gets to hoist a cup. But by no means do I miss him on the blueline. And I'm really surprised anybody else would.

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