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Originally Posted by Rainbow Crash View Post
How is it hypocritical? Do you even know what that means? It would be hypocritical if I would have said that, then demanded Crosby and Malkin for it.

And drop it with the "strongest draft in years" crap. We hear it every single year. It's no different this year than it was last.

If GMs value picks so highly, why wasn't Staal traded straight for the 8th overall pick? In fact, why wasn't the 8th overall pick even the biggest piece in the package? A draft pick is nothing more than a draft pick, a player doesn't have value for something he never did.

And how is MacKinnon better than any other prospect in this draft? There is no player that is head and shoulders above anyone else this year. If there was, he would be the consensus #1 pick.

The 8th pick and Myers is more than fair value. Take off your Avs glasses and realize that. They aren't trading for a superstar, they are trading for someone who can become a superstar. Is it fair for me to demand a return of a top-2 D for Derrick Pouliot (8.0 C)? No, because he isn't a top-2 D yet.
Go look at the recent history of the #1 pick and the #8 pick and come back to me....
Spoiler: It is not even close to comparable in value...

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