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06-12-2013, 02:47 PM
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I actually went to my first stick n puck, it was my first time on the ice in full gear and also not having to go counter-clockwise At first I was surprised how different stickhandling was, the puck glides WAY better than a roller puck, after about 20 mins I got the hang of it, by the time I left I was able to stick handle about 80% of my ability with a roller puck. Shot was fine. It did feel a little harder to get the puck up. It almost feels like the puck leaves the stick a bit earlier(maybe because of the lower friction). I dont know about others, but I almost feel like I would like a tad bit more curve and a bit more of an open face for an ice hockey stick vs a roller hockey stick. Anyone have the same opinion?
Only think that sucked was I was not able to practice stopping much because the rink was rather crowded. However I am going to an open skate tomorrow and I am going to get my skates sharpened changing my hollow from a 1/2" to a 5/8". I am 205lbs without gear, so I want to try something with not so much bite.

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