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Originally Posted by Colorado Avalanche View Post
There's reason why Buffalo fans keep offering Myers. He's got huge contract, he's big, but soft and apparently he might not have toolbox.
His contract is palatable for non-cap teams. He has six years and $26.5m left, so just a shade under $4.5m per year. Some teams would be happy to take that $4.5m per gamble on Myers returning to form full-time.

Originally Posted by Pierce Hawthorne View Post
That's actually quite interesting.

If this is the case, theres a real strong possibility that Buffalo could seriously make some moves for the 1st overall.

They would likely first have to get into the Top 4. I believe Roy said 4 was the furthest they would fall.

So, they call up NSH and see what it would take from NSH to get into the #4 spot. NSH needs a C badly and are very high on Barkov so it would again take an overpayment.

Does Hodgson + #8 make NSH move the pick? They can still grab one of Monahan/Lindholm/Nurse at #8 and pick up a solid young C in Hodgson. Maybe another small piece like Adam has to be thrown in to make it to hard for NSH to refuse.

Then, the Sabres have the #4, #16, Grgiroenko, and Myers all as pieces potentially moveable to the Avs for the #1 spot. The #4 would have to be included. Aswell as at least 1 of those other pieces.
I think this is the most likely of the farfetched scenarios that see Buffalo climb from #8 to #1 overall. They first have to get Nashville to move down from #4. I know Poile has said he'd consider moving the pick for roster help that'll aid the team getting back to the playoffs sooner rather than later, but we'll see what degree of help now he's requiring.

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