Thread: Proposal: Roberto Luongo to... ANYWHERE!
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06-12-2013, 03:49 PM
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Originally Posted by Darth Milbury View Post
I think you are being too nice about Dreger. Yeah, he has great sources and knows his hockey. But, he is far too quick to post speculation and hearsay. Too many times, he posts a trade scenario with the main backup being "it is believed that."

So, personally I am not at all convinced by his take on the Leafs/Nuck talks.

Luongo has also been disappointing on the international stage.

Whether or not his collapses are exaggerated, there are few GMs in the league who would see him as clutch or as the guy you want to build a contending team around. He has never demonstrated any capacity to elevate his game when it is all one the line.

He also doesn't "definitely" make the top 10: Lunqvist, Backstrom, Niemi, Quick, Schneider, Rask, Howard, Miller, Rinne, and Anderson would all be easily be in front of him at this point in time. Arguments could be made for a few other guys (like Bobrovsky) that maybe have a bit more to prove.

Now, we can debate who or who does not belong on the top 10 list. Not suprisingly, as a Nuck fan, you'll want to put Luongo up there and I do think a reasoned argument could be made in that direction. but the point is Luongo is far from being a definite.

It is not a stretch to believe a team will put in a claim (or try to acquire him via trade). It is also far from being a certainty, and not a stretch to believe he'll clear.

And, IMO, the latter is what will likely happen. But, that is ONLY an opinion. I really have no idea how this is all going to play itself out.

The only aspects of this I am completely convinced of is that the Isles will not be involved.
He is better than Backstrom and Miller for sure, maybe Howard.

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