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Originally Posted by Propspony View Post
Alright... might as well make this my first post. HI GUYS! lol.

Name: Rachael
Gender: obviously female
Age: 34
Hometown: Meadow Lands, PA
Height: 5'4"
Weight: ask the horse
Location: Las Vegas
Occupation: Stagehand
Favorite TV show: Big Bang Theory
Favorite food: Starbucks
Favorite Coyote: Since Doaner is a given, Vrbata.
Favorite non-Coyote: *sigh* Guess my favorite player Steve Sullivan goes in THIS category now. :-(
Next or other favorite team: The Pens, (duh) but the Sabres are in the mix too.
How else is hockey in your life?: Might have an addiction to the Backhand Shelf podcast...
Favorite Coyotes moment: Oh... Sullivan's 1000th game in Nashville this year where they won 7-4 was pretty awesome.

How and when did you become a Coyote fan?:
I'd always kept an eye on them once I moved to Vegas since they were kinda "local" and I hated the Ducks-n-Kings. For 10 years I denied I was a "real" fan though, since, well... I'm from Pittsburgh.

I finally gave up that facade during the Coyotes/Kings playoff series last year when I was in Montreal, and the bartender refused to put the game on for me, claiming that "Nobody wants to watch a boring-ass series with two stupid crappy west coast teams that no one even cares about." After I threatened to come over the bar and demonstrate just how much "nobody" cared, I realized that just maybe I was a bit more emotionally invested than I was admitting to myself. (edited to add: I may have also said something like: "At least my boring-ass team is in the playoffs, how 'bout them Habs eh?)

I've finally come out of the west coast hockey closet. The Penguins are now my "backup" team. Sorry Crosby...
haha that's awesome, I bet that playoff line stung deep! hehe

Your story is similar to mine. I used to be a big (nervously looks around)...Redwings fan. Then the Coyotes moved to Phoenix and I started following them but continued to pledge my allegiance to the wheel. Then it happened...I got tickets to a playoff game where the Coyotes were playing the Wings. I told myself I was conflicted but when JR just passed the blue line and let rip a slapper that dribbled through Osgood, I came flying out of my seat!!! I then joined in the insanely loud "Let's Go Coyotes...Red Wings Suck" chant. It was that moment that I knew I could no longer live a lie. Been a diehard Yote ever since!

Welcome to the fold!

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