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Originally Posted by Atomos2 View Post
I don`t know if you`re just faking ignorance or have no idea what you`re talking about. Are you just gonna claim that you don`t know any better and that you only see black or white or do you actually know how Gardiner plays because all this post is telling me is that you only read headlines and news articles (about Gardiner being in the AHL etc.) and you have no idea how Gardiner plays.

If you did you wouldn`t use this as an argument and you would realize that Gardiner should have been playing with evidence pointing to the playoff series.
I do know how Gardiner plays and his NHL regular season was pretty brutal (when we was playing) Do you disagree? Or should we dig up some HFleaf material to show even leaf fans werent impressed.

And yes, his first season was good. But wasnt mind blowing. I fail to see any evidence he will be more than a second pairing guy. And if thats an insult to you, then maybe youll have to be less attached to players. Because being a top pairing guy is pretty hard

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