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Originally Posted by HatTrick Swayze View Post
On thing I really find humorous is people complaining about entertainment value. Legitimately I feel a solid percentage of people have this as their #1 gripe. You know what I find to be lacking in entertainment value? Watching teams that look like they're hung over from the night before. Watching teams who put in as much effort as Vince Young on the Wonderlic test. Nothing screams lack of entertainment value like not even setting the DVR for games in March and April because the Rangers are eliminated from playoff contention.

Both of those issues existed to various extents before Torts got here and improved in spades during his tenure. Look I'm not a sadist. I would love to watch a team that is top-10 in GF. I would love to watch a team that plays like Chicago, Pittsburgh, hell even the Islanders.

One thing, however that any of the system overhaul posters have not concretely addressed is, what SPECIFICALLY can the Rangers hope to achieve with new tactics? Ironically the best offensive season from a Ranger team in the last decade + was last season (11th in the league on scoring). Funny that stat gets glossed over. Guess the goals weren't pretty enough.

With a new coach, can we expect this roster to be top-10 in GF next year? Will a new coach make Stepan a consistent 80 pt player, Brassard a 60 pt + player? Zuke a 60 pt player? I have a tough time seeing Hagelin and Callahan improving too significantly. Will Kreider step up and score 50+ points? You'd need some combination of that to crack top-10 in GF. Possible, certainly with a better PP. Call me a cynic but I'm not completely sold.

Then there is that other pesky side of the puck. What SPECIFIC impact will system adjustments have on total GA? The Rangers are blessed to have the best goalie in the league no doubt. I have little doubt that even with 5 odd man rushes a night the Rangers could still finish top-10 in GA. Will they still be consistently top-5? What impact will not having collapsed wingers have on odd man opportunities down low and along the half boards? Will the dmen get exposed? I think you can't rule it out. And what impact will moving from 15 to 10 in GF and 5 to 10 in GA ultimately have on WINS? Oh I forgot some of you only care about entertainment...

One last thing that I never, and I mean never see addressed is the ice at MSG. Consistently voted the worst to bottom 3 in the league in player polls. Think that factored into the dump and chase gameplan? Think that's a reason why the Rangers had success with that strategy? I do. Not THE reason but A reason. Along with the roster...

I definitely get the sentiment that Torts abrasive ways may have worn stale. I would never mentor someone working for me like that, all or even the majority of the time. There are only so many times you can effectively press the hardass button and get results. I get that. But let's not **** all over the guys grave here. He did a lot more than most and the grass isn't always greener.
Didn't leave much for me to say. I agree with this 100%

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